About BidAid

Last updated 13th September, 2018

Bid Aid is an exciting and innovative online project created by three-time world champion athlete Jamie Baulch and his business partner Leon Hughes as a new and additional fundraising resource for charities and their sponsors and celebrity supporters.

Jamie has been involved in sourcing and managing charity auctions for many years and following the success of his company Bid In, who have staged a number of lucrative silent auctions for charities such as Barnardo’s, Alzheimer’s Research UK, Maggies and Cancer Research UK, he is now launching Bid Aid.

The premise is very straightforward!

The charity seller experience

Bidaid.org will be a new fundraising website where charities and their celebrity and corporate sponsors can upload and sell premium items to their supporters anywhere around the world.

It will be perfect for all those exclusive experiences and memorabilia that are donated throughout the year but have no obvious outlet if there is not a fundraising dinner or ball where they can be auctioned.

Each charity can register for free and once their credentials have been checked and confirmed they will have their own bespoke page on the site with their logo, links and information about the work they do.

The charities have the option to upload photographs and information themselves about the item they wish to auction, or that can be done by Bid Aid.

The charity and their celebrity ambassadors and friends will then be able to use the full range of social media by sending out the relevant link to tell their global supporters that the item is available and raising funds for the amazing work they do.

Stripe will provide the secure online payment system for winning bidders. At the end of the auction the charity will retain 90% of the net proceeds. Bid Aid will charge a fee of 10% per item.

In addition, Bid Aid are also able to offer a framing and packaging service for any items that have been donated to a charity who would like it to be presented in a stunning and attractive way. That cost would be deducted from the final winning bid before the 10% commission.

Bid Aid can also use their extensive distribution contacts to package and deliver an item, if requested by the charity. That cost would also be deducted from the winning bid before the 10% commission.

Bid Aid will send each charity the proceeds of their sales at the end of each calendar month.

The celebrity and corporate seller experience

With a long career in international athletics and the media Jamie knows from his personal experience that those in the public eye can get a lot of requests from charities to donate items to raise funds for the causes they wish to support.

Bid Aid will enable them or their representatives to upload items onto the pages of the charity of their choice and sell personal items and experiences safe in the knowledge that 90% of the net proceeds from the winning bid will go direct to the charity they have nominated.

At the end of the Bid Aid auction the celebrity will be informed of the details and the money automatically credited to the account of their chosen charity at the end of the month.

Exactly the same option is available for corporate sponsors who wish to donate items for auction on behalf of the charity they support.


One of the key elements of Bid Aid is that we want to guarantee buyers that anything they purchase from our site is 100% genuine because we know there are vast numbers of fake items, autographs and memorabilia being sold on other online auction sites.

With this in mind we will require all items that are offered for sale to be accompanied by a letter or certificate of authentication from the original or a reputable source.

The bidder experience

For the supporters who may wish to bid for the items on the website there will be a clear drop down menus to enable them to browse by charity, sport, item genre, celebrity or corporate sponsor.

They can also click onto any links that have been sent out on social media and websites by a charity, sponsor or celebrity and be taken straight to the item that is being promoted

When they register and place a bid they receive an automatically generated email to confirm their bid.

They will also receive an email that notifies them when they have been outbid and give them the opportunity to increase theirs.

At the end of the auction the winning bidder will be informed and required to pay for the item via Stripe. Once payment has been received the seller will be informed and the items despatched.